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Saturday, November 23, 2013

MLTI iPad Apps iBook

I have attended several meetings and conferences this fall since the roll out of the iPads as one of the devices offered in the state-wide one-to-one program.  One of the constant challenges that I have heard from classroom teachers is being unsure what all of the apps that come pre-loaded on the iPad do. Often I have heard suggestions to "just Google the app", but many classroom teachers simply don't have time to look up the 100+ apps.  Below is a link an iBook that I wrote in response.  Simply put, the iBook is a "just Google it" summary of each app that comes pre-installed on an MLTI issued iPad.  I turned to the MLTI RFP, the Apple iTunes store, and a few other websites for descriptions.

                                            MLTI iPad Apps iBook
                                            MLTI iPad Apps PDF

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